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                 Living in the heart of Cornwall Russell is able to guide you to some of the countries most beautiful locations. 

My workshops are designed for the beginner through to the more experienced wishing to home there skills.

If you are new to photography it can be a little daunting as there is so much to take in. Reading and looking up on-line is fine but putting theory into practise is another matter.

Being shown how your camera and lenses work and understanding how using filters to maximise your potential by someone who is patient and understanding and not over technical will inspire and give you the confidence you need. How to use a polariser,graduated filter, long exposures..

I am able to offer one-to-one workshops where by you will receive a very thorough in depth view into the world of landscape photography and have the peace to absorb the information you require or as a group upto five. If you feel more comfortable bring a friend and receive a discount.

My aim will be for you to go away and have more confidence and to inspire you to get the shots you always wanted to.

The workshops themselves are available as  early morning shoots or in the evenings for sunrise and  sunset  to capture the best light or if you simply wish we can arrange a time suitable to yourself for a half or full day training schedule.

Depending on the duration we can review what you've taken and view them over a cup of coffee and see how we've progressed.

I can also show you how to edit and get the best from the images you've taken from a jpeg or raw file as this in it's self is a skill set.

My workshops are £95.00 for a half day, usually 4-5 hours and £160 for a full day usually 8 hours.

If you decide you would like two full days then the charge will be £300.00 and this will include photoshop or lightroom editing if you require.

Discounts are applicable for parties of two or more

1. Learn Effective use of light and composition.

2. Understanding of which effective angles give a picture drama.

3. Technical Aspects.

4.Use of Filters and how to place them.

5. Use of own Equipment

6. Camera  Placement

7. Photoshop or Lightroom editing

8. Gain more confidence

Perfect Beach

Tide Beach

Monday Morning

Perfect Holiday